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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post

Why did no one trust or believe me a month ago?

I actually think a majority of the folks who read your post believed you.

Speaking for myself, your post was the primary reason why I believed the PH/WWH scoop to be (in all probability) BS.

That, and I couldn't believe that this was an alleged 'journalist' acting like a third tier WWF jobber. Yuck.

Originally Posted by flickchick85
All of those exclusives were reported by Da7e at LR, who has proven himself quite consistently to be a reputable source. El Mayimbe, less so. But I think it's silly to write off the whole site's credibility - when they've continually provided more accurate Marvel scoops than anyone - because one obnoxious guy there has a hit-and-miss track record.
I, personally, think it IS fair to write off LR. The fact that El Mayimbe continues to write on LR is implicit acceptance of his behavior. LR, after all, is a news site (with what I'm assuming is a very lax editorial process) and not a fan site.

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