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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

Actor Hugh Jackman spreads the love in Montreal
By Aalia Adam

MONTREAL – Australian Actor, Hugh Jackman is definitely leaving his print on Montreal.

Last night, a Parc Avenue pie shop received a surprise visit from “Wolverine” himself. He’s currently in town shooting the sequel to the X-men movie.

Jackman stopped by TA, Montreal’s authentic Australian pie bakery, to pick up 300 pies for the film’s cast and crew.

He even instagrammed and tweeted a picture of himself with the starstruck owners, Don Hudson and his wife Melanie Deslaurier.

On the bakery’s Facebook page they wrote, “Hugh wanted an Aussie experience for the crew, so classic steak mince pies sausage rolls, anzacs, pavs, lamingtons, tim tams. Awesome bloke came up to the van to greet us with his wife.”

That’s not the only gift the movie star has given out recently.

As a thanks to the city Jackman and his wife donated $10, 000 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Good on ya’ mate!

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