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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 2

[QUOTE=Dagenspear;26922079]I've done neither of those things.
You're referring to bullying and name-calling.

"I get that you prefer all the pretty splosions and caveman punches and you probably get all confoosed when someone has a complex motive or an in-depth characterization, or anything that actually makes characters and a story, ya know, compelling and interesting, so I'm just gonna calmly say that your post is wrong."
"You'd be wrong about that. And you know nothing about the character. And he wasn't either of those things, you're just too small minded to see the potential. You'd rather throw something away or ignore something that you don't like, than take it on and accept it as something that can be redefined or built upon to better it. That's the attitude of petulant children."
"15 years + what? 17? 16? makes 32 or 31. That's basic addition man. Go back to elementry school."
I would add your infamous sociopath post, but it seems the mods have rightfully deleted it. If you don't see any of that as bullying and name-calling, that's your opinion. However, it does seem obvious that other people DO see it that way. Again, I'm not attempting to argue or discuss anything with you at all. I'm simply stating, again, why I'm not. You can choose to either learn something from this or not.

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