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Default Re: The Emily Bett Rickards/ Felicity Smoak Thread

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Thing is, Season2 Laurel was *not* Black Canary. She wasn't even a sympathetic ally. She was basically a particularly unlikable antagonist.
Say what you will about S2 Laurel, but the Laurel from the last three episodes of S2 was my favorite Laurel. She may have been an unlikeable drunk who treated most of the team like crap for a lot of the season, but after she started making amends with Sara she got better, and from the time Slade revealed Oliver's identity as the Arrow through the rest of the season, she was really a fantastic character. She gets too much flak in her S2 arc–she was supposed to be antagonistic. It was a very realistic depiction of a grieving, depressed addict whose life was falling apart. Of course she lashed out–but she only would have been unlikeable if she hadn't snapped out of it. She did.

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