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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
I don't understand why Mystique being blue for only 10% of the movie is a big deal, anyway. It's not as though she said she won't be using her power for 90% of the movie. She simply said she won't be blue. That's a good thing, in my opinion. It's something different. Also, I can't remember who said it but, I agree and think Mystique will embrace her true form when she breaks ranks with Xavier and joins Magneto.

Look...I want a naked blue chick and a lingerie hottie romping around the entire movie. 10% just seems small to me. I don't want to see her blue for only one scene. I truly hope she is her true form more than once. If it is only once...I will be a very very very sad panda bear.

Curious? Not really. It's not as though Fox maintains a quota of female nudity that must be met in order for a movie to be released. Mystique isn't blue because evidently the story doesn't call for it. And would anyone want the studio to intervene that much? I don't think so.
The story could call for 100% blue Mystique or 0% blue Mystique...that is the magic of writing. I just hope that they didn't write it that way because of budget constraints. Mystique is very pricey to show transform as Jennifer mentioned, it takes a long time to get her in full makeup and that is all very costly as well. We will see...but I just hope that they use her time very well and meaningful.

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