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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

Disc 2 of B:TAS Vol 2.

The main theme (which is basically for Batman's appointment to Crime Alley on the anniversary of the day his parents were taken from him) that carries most of the episode in "Appointment In Crime Alley" feels very urgent and critical, which is necessary b/c the episode is centered around this appointment and Crime Alley. The theme highlights Batman's situation that he's trying reach his destination on time but encounters many situations that are preventing him from doing so. The theme is one of the first things that come to my mind when I think about this episode. Leslie Thompkins also has a theme thats hopeful and moving. It really captures Bruce's and Lesley's relationship what little we know of it on the show, imo. The music as Batman saves a trolley adds the right amount of anxiety in the scene. Listening to that track always has me curious if Batman's going to save everyone on the trolley. That's how gripping that particular cue is for me.

"Mad As A Hatter" opens very grim but then becomes more playful as Jervis Tetch A.K.A. Mad Hatter successfully controls mices or guinea pigs with a mind controlling device. The theme that's usually associated with Mad Hatter that opens the episode "Perchance To Dream" makes short appearances here. The theme is very mischievious, jolly, and even whimsical. It fits the Hatter's persona like a glove. The theme that gets more use is the more solemn and not so pleasant theme associated with Mad Hatter and his true intentions. It's captures Mad Hatter's more darker side. That theme goes through a workout in this score. The score and the episode itself is a lot of fun.

The main theme of "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" is dark, suspicious, and mysterious. The theme does a really good job giving me the impression or feeling of someone digging in your mind for information you don't want anybody to know about you. The theme emphasizes the secrets of Dr. Strange's patients that they don't want anyone to know about. And of course Strange uses that dark secret to blackmail his patients into giving 'em their money. It's also a theme for Dr. Strange. It's used as Strange escapes Joker, Two-face and Penguin after Batman switched the recording revealing his identity. I liked how Joker, Two- face, and the Penguin's theme makes a brief appearance as they are reintroduced in "The Diabolical Plan".

Probably everybody's least favorite episode (Though I enjoy it.)"I've Got Batman In My Basement" opens with Penguin's theme which for a villain theme is very pleasant, elegant, and luxurious. Therefore makes it a little disturbing. The theme once again fits this Penguin nicely. Despite the design of the penguin resembling DeVito's Penguin. The theme is very different from Elfman's own Penguin theme for BR, which was like DeVito's interpretation gloomy, sinister, and tragic. Walker's Penguin theme kind of reminds me of the theme to Burgess Meredith's Penguin from the 60s show. At least with the type of instrument that's used. The theme for Penguins vulture is very striking, menacing, and bird like with the screeching violins I believe. You know hearing that theme (kind of like in Jaws) danger is approaching. The music in this episode adds the right amount suspense and adventure in the show.

Feat Of Clay Part 1 opens kind of like an old school matinee gangster movie which makes sense b/c the story's antagonist is a movie star. "Mr Fox's Resignation" is the highlight track of part one for me, the music goes in many directions. It feels like it was again written for a big screen action movie. It really adds a lot of tension and suspense in the actual scene. "Creation Of Clayface" is a very vicious and threatening track that capitalizes the horrifying torture and suffering of Hagen being turned into Clayface. As a large amount of face cream chemicals is being pour into his mouth and throat. Listening to this track it's amazing its written for an animated show that's mostly aimed at kids. It almost sounds like something written for an R-rated horror movie and that's a compliment. Is it just me or did anyone else hear a nod to the music of the 60s tv show whenever the batman emblem pans in front of the screen. The Clayface theme is sad and tragic capturing Hagen's desperation to having his face back so he can continue acting in movies again. It becomes more tragic as Hagan loses his humanity and becomes Clayface. It really nails the heart and emotional side of Hagen. When the theme becomes sinister and evil it touches on Hagen's lust for revenge against Daggett for turning him into a monster. I can't help but feel sympathetic for Hagen when hearing that theme. After his face got horribly scarred in order for him to act again he had to do criminal activity in exchange for using Daggetts face cream to cover his scars. His lust for the face cream got him involved with the wrong people. Therefore he suffered the consequences for it and it cost him more than his face, but his humanity. He risked everything just so he can continue doing what he truly loves. Acting in movies. I think the Clayface theme empahasises this well especially in the daramtic moments of Part 2.

"Feat Of Clay Part 2" opens with a more calm but still melodramatic version of Clayface's theme letting the audience know that this is the conclusion to Clayface's arc (temporarily anyway). The action music compliments the amazing and groundbreaking animation in this episode perfectly. It's thrilling and amusing as the episode itself is. Once again the music to this show (as well as the animation) feel like it was made for a big screen movie and not an animated tv show. Clayface's theme is used well throughout as it carries a lot of the cues. It's definitely one of the best villain themes of the show eventhough the show has plenty of great ones. Can't think of one bad theme.


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