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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

Disc 3

"Almost Got 'Im" opens like something out of a jazz club. It's playing as some of Batman's rogues are playing a game of poker as they talk about their many adventures against Batman. Batman's main theme isn't used as often. It's played more dramatically and suspenseful as he tries to escape death from his captors. Another more "celebratory" theme plays as Batman succeeds in the end. I love the use of that theme at the end when Batman swings away from Catwoman as she's distracted by police sirens. It's very triumphant saying to me that Batman will always be victorious when facing his enemies. Joker, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman's themes each make an appearance. It's a superb score to another superb episode, imo.

"If You So Smart Why Aren't You Rich" opens with Riddler's theme, it's a very puzzling, enigmatic, and quirky theme that capitalizes on his personality perfectly, imo. Very different from Goldenthal's more cartoony and goofy theme for Riddler in BF which is understandable considering the actor playing him. Listening to that opening I get the feeling that it's asking me a question like "Who is the Riddler ?". And this episode will answer that question. I love the suspense and excitement of the music as Batman and Robin play Riddler's game. The music nails Batman enthusiasm of taking on Riddler's challenge. The use Batman's theme as he hijacks "the hand of fate" is very prosperous. There's also themes for "the hand of Fate" which is menacing and the "minotaur". The striking music in this episode nails the feel of a game between Batman and Riddler very well.

"The Demon's Quest Part 1" score is written like an old school "epic". It's amazing to hear such music in something like a Batman cartoon. Especially the way scores to animated tv show are written today. It's interesting listening to this b/c you can tell Batman's going on an adventure outside of Gotham. It almost sounds like something from Indiana Jones movie. The middle eastern music is very well written and is in the vein of old school film scores way before my time. It's better than a lot of MV/RC middle eastern music we've been hearing in the last decade and counting. Ra's Al Ghul's theme is very mysterious, haunting, and evil, which gives me the feeling that evil never dies. Like you know Ra's Al Ghul will return through the Lazurus Pit. Though I somewhat like Zimmer's ominous and enigmatic "Lasiurus" (which features Ra's theme from BB). I think this theme nails Ra's Al Ghul a lot more.

"The Demon's Quest Part 2" is even more grand and majestic than part 1. It has that old school swashbuckling feel. Though I haven't seen "Laurence Of Arabia" I've heard this and part 1 were both throwbacks to that score. I also heard that it's very much in the vein of a Miklos Rozsa score . Again I'm not familiar with Rozsa's work, but I know the late Basil Poledouris was a fan of his. He used Rozsa as inspiration for his Conan scores. The reason I brought that up b/c some of the tracks like "Orpheus" remind me of Poledouris' Conan. I love the warm, romantic, and lush theme for Talia. It adds a lot of heart to this episode and score. The use of that theme is very powerful as Batman and Ra's begin to sword fight. The sword fight between Ra's and Batman I heard was a nod to the score to Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. Again I'm not familiar with that movie though I saw it many years ago. I love the sword fight between Ra's and Batman. It's a lot more epic than the fight between Batman and Ra's in Batman Begins both in the scene and music. "He'll Ruin Everything" is an exciting swashbuckling track. It's everything an epic fight scene should be. I love the scene and use of Talia's theme as Batman kisses Talia goodbye before he and Robin fly off in the sunset. Very Classy. The intimidating Ra's Al Ghul theme is played very creepy and terrifying at the end letting us know that Ra's will return b/c true evil never dies.

"The Laughing Fish" which is probably the first real dark episode of B:TAS that actually explores how twisted and sick the Joker is, imo. The theme that opens the episode really sets the tone for what the audience will be in for. It also captures the Joker's psychotic scheme in this episode, imo. The main Joker theme we're usually used to on this show makes small appearances. It's very Herrmann-esque. You can hear throwbacks to Herrmann's Psycho with the shrieking and screeching strings. It's perfect when you think about it b/c Joker is a "Psycho". I also feel Walker did her own version of "Jaws". I don't mean like did nod's to Williams' iconic theme. I mean like if she scored a Jaws movie this is probably what it would sound like. It's very threatening. You can feel the tension, terror, and danger as the shark comes after Batman and Bullock in the climax. This is how you score a psychopath like the Joker. She didn't need a one note theme like Zimmer to explore the psychology of the character. Using Psycho as a inspiration was genius, imo. One of the more chilling Batman scores and episodes, imo.

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