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Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
Truthfully, I'm not surprised people can't handle some realism in CBMs. Specially after 10 years of restrained adaptations that turned Wolverine into a pseudo-Captain America when in reality he's the very definition of the anti-hero.
It doesnt mean people cant handle realism though or even the subject matter. Look at all the themes of sex and violence in Sincity and Watchmen. Tons of people watch those two and love the hell out of them. I think everyone on this board wants a more berserker animal infused Wolverine to be shown with this flick. That scene described and in question is in no way gonna be universally welcomed, especially if no one knows the full context of the script. All it sounds like is a scene of graphic sex and violence. Could it work? Sure, but scenes like that will be uncomfortable for some to watch and others might think its out of character. There are mos def other ways that are just as effective to portray Logan, and the bad choices he does make. Its not like it has to be done one way or bust.

Portraying Wolverine strictly as a hero in XMOW was a mistake. He was completely innocent during the whole team X and Weapon plus thing. It completely contradicted what was said in X2 and we probably should have seen him do some really jacked up stuff to people. From the pics online this film looks to take place after hes met Xavier ( I could be wrong) and not prior. That is a huge change on Logan as a character. Its hard for me to picture him making some more questionable decisions after. Hes a full on hero and practically a caretaker last we see him in the film franchise. Doesnt mean he cant go ape **** on bad guys, but if hes making some disturning bad moral choices, it could seem a bit off for his character imo. There should be limits once a character has already gone through change. I take it Aronofskys was pre X Men, so this might have been more acceptable for the character to grow and learn here from some more disturbing moral choices, but if its post meeting the X team I dont think it would go to well.

I trust Aronofsky as a film maker and think it would be awesome to see his version of the character. Im sure it would be radical change on screen from what weve seen. Doesnt mean others will or should agree.

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