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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
People have become too accustomed to these characters being aimed at the kids. The notion of Wolverine having sex with Yukio onscreen, or of him watching her have lesbian sex onscreen still remains very taboo to said people.

People like this guy:

"That's not Wolverine! Wolverine is a hero."

Well, this hero works for a crime lord in Tokyo. He kills for that crime lord.

How many heroes can you say the same thing about?

The Punisher is the closest one & even then - Castle wouldn't allow himself to be a hired gun. Wolverine is lost in Japan. The screenplay serves two purposes: to showcase how lost he is & how he eventually finds himself.

Truthfully, I'm not surprised people can't handle some realism in CBMs. Specially after 10 years of restrained adaptations that turned Wolverine into a pseudo-Captain America when in reality he's the very definition of the anti-hero.
So, because Wolverine works for a crime lord, him watching a woman molest another woman is excusable and in character? This has NOTHING to do with it not being for kids, and everything to do with it being out of character. Wolverine has shown far more chivalry over the years than to allow that to happen. It is simply not Wolverine. You could easily do the Yin/Yang stuff with Wolverine being a violent killer. THAT is very in line with Wolverine as a character, as he is vicious and mercilessly kills. But, this scene showcases an aspect of Logan that was never there before, and it is one I firmly feel Wolverine wouldn't do. Making him get off on lesbian molestation isn't somehow more realistic.

Wolverine doesn't have to be for children, but am I asking too much in asking for a mature film that is actually in line with the moral center his years in comics have firmly made clear? Not just add shock value to "be more mature"

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