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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
There was a lot more to him than that. You're mostly talking about the surface stuff. Killian, on a narrative and thematic level, was a very interesting foil to Tony Stark. A man who started with nothing, took power he did not earn, and is motivated by a desire to reinvent himself as a great man and take everything he feels he is entitled to. It's a nice contrast to Tony Stark. Stane and Hammer weren't like that, and Hammer wasn't even the main villain in Iron Man 2, Vanko was. Besides some superficial similarities he wasn't much like any of those characters at all.
I commend you for fighting the good fight, but a lot of people have made up their minds on that and refuse to see the villains in the franchise for anything beyond what they wear to work. -_-

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