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Default Re: The Standard - A Comic Written By ME!

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I think you should definitely pursue making your own comics. Go for it!
Yeah, thanks for the encouragement man, I will one day. I was involved with a indie comic collective type thing back when I was a teenager, they ran a comics workshop and did an art exhibt at this arts centre, and I got a couple of pages put up when i was about 15/16. Then they published their own comic book for 5 issues, I managed to get good enough work done for the final two issues, 5 pages in issue 4, 8 pages in the last issue. I had only just started inking for real, getting it to look at a somewhat professional standard.
So, i always wanted to do my own comic with the strips that i had planned for the succeeding issues, after the comic folded. After that I went on to play in bands and make a few little records here and there, which i got more of an immediate kick out of doing, as you can bring your stuff straight to the people through gigs, instead of slaving away at a drawing board for ages, and not knowing if you could get them published anywhere.
My strips were not superhero ones, they were just crazy little stories, humourous for the most part(although two were about an Agent Cooper type private eye). I have not written any comics since i was about 18(36 now), but about two years ago I drew one that I had leftover from those days that i had written, i kind of rushed the inking though, so the artwork was not always as good as those early strips i did.
In actual fact, if i get ahold of a scanner, i will start a thread over in the fan art section and scan all the stories in, that can be my comic, lol, fug it, and if i do any news ones in the future i will try and publish them somehow.
sorry to go on about myself in your books thread, just thought it would be cool to talk about doing comics.

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