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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

I watched this again a few months ago and it really does age well. I always liked it but after not seeing it for a few years I can say now it's fantastic. Truly one of a kind. Ang Lee had the most powerful pulse of a comic character I think I've seen on film. It's quite accurate to the psychodrama of Peter David's comics but also keeps the flair and action that can still rival many of today's CBMs. The military fight sequence at the end is still my favorite "Hulk Smash" scene ever. It channeled everything this creature can do.

And Bana's performace is so understated and powerful. Same with Elfman's score. I loved that Betty served a purpose compared to the usual shoehorned girl. Loved Elliot as the General as well, he never gets enough credit for it. Great secondary villain.

All the criticism it got back in the day really doesn't make sense to me now. Like none of the liberties struck out to me as being any weirder than stuff Nolan did, or Raimi with Spider-Man. Ang presented a wonderful tragedy. I think it's sort of fitting it had a mixed response. People weren't ready for that kind of movie then. Everybody expected another Spider-Man but ended up with a pre-Dark Knight (yeah, I'm gonna go there.)

I might watch it again this week. Fantastic movie and still probably in my top 3 favorites of the genre.

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