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Default Re: So is Snyder a BIGGER fan of Batman?

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
No disrespect, but your entire post here sounds very paranoic. You're only illustrating my point.
And you're illustrating mine and being very dismissive of people who care about this character. I understand that some people aren't that concerned about how Superman is portrayed because he's not their favorite, but I don't understand calling people who do care paranoid unless they go way overboard.

I'm saying there are legit concerns in this area, not that every concern is legit. Yes, some people go too far, but having some concern about this isn't paranoid. Some fans don't have the luxury of knowing their favorite character will be catered to and it would be nice if people were just a bit less dismissive for that reason alone.

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Like last time, I fully expect detractors to pay and sit and watch in abundance.
I'm talking about minds already being made up.
What difference do those minds make to WB/Snyder if they're still paying to see the movie?

"Somewhere in our darkest night, we made up the story of a man who will never let us down…" - Grant Morrison.

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