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Default Re: Power Ranger's 4.0

Originally Posted by TheDreamMaster View Post
So now that Juuzo/Deker is now part of the show I'm convinced this will get better. I've managed to really enjoy the last 3 episodes or so, and while I don't think the acting for the rangers has improved greatly, I think Richard Medina really works in that role so far, and I hope the US writers do justice to his story.
So, for anyone who has seen Shinkenger, what do you think they will do for Akumaro's true plan? I can't imagine it will be even close to the original version. Also, they claimed Samurai Gold will be introduced in May. Doesn't that seem a little early? Shinkenger introduced him in Episode 19, not sure how long most 6th rangers came about in the American counterparts of other series.
Since Shinkenger has 49 eps but PRS will only have about 42 eps, we'll get to see Gold Samurai earlier because they took out a few eps. Also, they haven't aired the first two eps of PRS yet, so the series seems to progress alot faster than it was for Shinkenger.

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