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Default Re: Power Ranger's 4.0

Originally Posted by TheDreamMaster View Post
So now that Juuzo/Deker is now part of the show I'm convinced this will get better. I've managed to really enjoy the last 3 episodes or so, and while I don't think the acting for the rangers has improved greatly, I think Richard Medina really works in that role so far, and I hope the US writers do justice to his story.
So, for anyone who has seen Shinkenger, what do you think they will do for Akumaro's true plan? I can't imagine it will be even close to the original version. Also, they claimed Samurai Gold will be introduced in May. Doesn't that seem a little early? Shinkenger introduced him in Episode 19, not sure how long most 6th rangers came about in the American counterparts of other series.

Well they knock off a bunch of unimportant episodes and go straight to introducing the 6th ranger

-Mako and cooking.


-Mr. Brown.

The only real loss because Bulk could have adapted that story since he's into samurai

-Green Ranger Chiaki and an imposter


-Kuroku episode

Cut. Since Power Ranger's Samurai doesn't have kuroku's

And by this time we get into ShinkenGold's arc. So it's not a big loss

Akumaro's plan will probably stay the same.

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