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Default Pitch your own film idea -no matter how crazy or impossible it sounds-

Ok, after 7 years of being here as an active member (and who knows how many more from just reading stuff), I decided to create my first topic.

And it ocurred to me just when I was watching the teaser poster of Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. Now Pixar has two dinosaurs: that new guy and Toy Story's Rex.

So here's my first idea: a crossover of some of Pixar films.
(Note: I'm not saying I will like something like this if someday happens, I believe is fun just thinking about it).

What if Mike and Sulley enter little Boonie's room and somehow the Toy Story toys get lost in the monster universe and getting from door to door, travelling through the world trying to find their way home, and maybe encountering the Bug's Life characters along the way (since they are of the same size)?

I know, the story should be flawless, and I don't know how the screen time would work, but if they do it right, they're sitting in a gold mine.

I have another idea, but I will write it down if this topic gets enough visits and posts, so I don't feel such an idiot about it.

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