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Default Re: Pitch your own film idea -no matter how crazy or impossible it sounds-

Years ago when i was a teen i had lots of ideas for movies and such.

One was of animated Pixar style movie of a small boy who is dying from a genetic illness. The story woud be told from his perspective, not much dialogue. the idea was that this little boy would be in hospital and simply want his little puppy friend from at home. He would be guided by a living spectre of a toy he knows (kind like pinochio and jimminy Cricket) and leave the ward to go home to meet his puppy.

Though it sounds dire the tone would be light and the magic would be that the simple objective is meeting his friend. He'd be going through an adventure so to speak throughout the hospital and all of the various hospital devices would be re-imagined by the boys wonderful imagination as if they were magical toys.

in the end it would be revealed that it was in fact his passing through the white light into death and in the end he would reunite with his best friend and be happy.

The ending would give you that heartwarming feel the end of Monsters Inc did.


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