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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

thevileone, you seem the only one on these boards that LOOOVVVE USM, if fif didn't know who you are i would say you are Loeb in disguise LOL i kid bro.

I'm on Dread on this one buddy. Just like there are some people who genuinely like this show, the majority of the online community despise it.

I am also sorry to say that, no, it's not just "some" people hate, it is the majority. How do you explain the lack of people praising the show on these boards, and any boards for that matter. Out of 20 messages of people saying the show sucks, you will find one or two who say that they like USM.

This was a golden opportunity for Marvel and they blew it, and Hulk SMASH agents will make people very unhappy with Loeb as head TV animation. And yes i know a lot abt the show and some things abt Avengers assemble. I fell very relieved about Avengers but very pissed abt USM and Hulks.

A bit out of topic: anyone sen the new ninja turtles series trailer? While we have not seen much, it seems like the perfect blend of kids and adult writing. It looks like something me and my son would enjoy.

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