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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

I love the title "Batman Reborn" though I would personally prefer "The Dark Knight Reborn" because it sounds more epic in scale.

Establishing Batman to be a detective and overall genius from the beginning would immediately make it distinct from the Nolan films and would avoid rehash territory.

A European Gothic looking Gotham would also be a good idea. Unlike Burton's Gotham which was a gothic city in a fantasy world, this Gotham would be an American city that could exist in real life but was modeled after the Gothic architecture in European cities such as London and Paris. This will also make the city contrast with the Metropolis in MOS.

Having a corrupt commissioner in the GCPD and a young Gordon getting beaten up by his fellow police officers for being a good cop like in Year One would also help establish a still corrupt atmosphere for the city yet also make it distinct.

Batman should also be considered an urban legend, or a monster, by the people of Gotham. Batman Begins had this briefly while in the reboot, this belief should stay that way and be consistent throughout the entire movie.

Robin should not be used for the first film considering this will be a fairly young Batman much like Superman in MOS. Plus, Batman needs to be seen operating by himself at least in one film. Establishing Batman to have a partner from the start and then have him be the loner of the JL wouldn't work as well IMO.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Batman Reborn?

Using reborn just seems odd when Nolan killed off the original Batman in TDKR, even if it's a reboot and not related to Nolan's trilogy.

The Batman or Shadow of the Bat are my choices for the title.
That's the point though. It immediately establishes the film to be a reboot.

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