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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
If you take a look at the Marvel 10Ks prior to the Disney purchase, Marvel controls tie-in merchandise for their liscensed properties. DOFP will have the same tie in merchandise as XM:FC and The Wolverine - none.
You've just answered the question why I am not wild on MS.

When It comes to properties I have been X-Men fan first and foremost.I was never Into the Avengers like X-Men or Spider-Man.I have more batman comics
than avengers comics.

MS has put out 3 disappoint films to me-Iron Man 2 and 3 and thor.
As far as I am corncerned they have had 3 good films-Avengers,Incredible Hulk,and First Iron Man.Cap Is somewhere In middle.

I don't give a damn how much money Iron Man 3 Is making.It's In Spider-man 3 and Last Stand terrority for me.Hell I am more Spider-man film and I never saw a trully good iflm worthy of comics till Amazing Spider-Man.

Sabtorging X-Men films marketing Isn't going to make me happy with Disney.

Now if Fox disappoints me with The Wolverine and DOFP I will critize them.
Hell I will be first to critize Fox If they cast a black Human Torch In FF.And
If DIsney/MS puts out a film that I like I will say good things about the product.

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