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Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
Interestingly, I didn't hate making the Mandarin white (although I feel like it's taking political correctness way to far - we shouldn't be bowing to China).
It wasn't bowing to China. It was taking a character who was a vilification of East Asian culture incarnate in one individual and removing that aspect of the character while actually criticizing it (through Slattery) and keeping the basics of the character's personality, motivations, and MO intact. That's not taking political correctness way to far, that's taking political correctness (which is I think a more neutral way of saying "basic human decency") exactly as far as it needed to go.

People of East Asian descent have a hard enough time in Hollywood as it is, they never get leading roles unless it's a martial arts movie. Might as well not delve into the Yellow Peril stereotype as well.

Originally Posted by StreetWarrior View Post
EDIT: This is way off topic. Agree to Disagree on IM3. Something, Something, Hank Pym. 1,2,3 - Go!

The movie will be just fine without Hank Pym and it won't suffer from his exclusion at all. Ultron will probably be created by either Tony Stark or SHIELD and the character dynamic between Ultron and Pym will play out between Ultron and whoever builds him in this version. It will be more effective from the filmmaking standpoint to tie Ultron to a character or group already in the films instead of introducing someone new and it will free up much needed screen time for the other characters. It will only bug people who want him in it because that's how it was in the comics.

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