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Originally Posted by The Question View Post
By not having as many characters that need an equal share of screen time and development as The Avengers does.

Yes I am, and it's not ridiculous. Because not only would he be a brand new character, he'd be a brand new character who would have to be a central focus of the plot, since his entire character arc would be tied up in the main conflict of the plot. That's not the same thing as War Machine or Falcon.

Having the creator of Ultron be someone the audience is already familiar with would streamline the plot tremendously. And in a movie with this many characters already, a streamlined plot os an important thing.

Do you remember Miles Dyson in Terminator 2? No? Don't feel bad....most people don't.

Who was he? Only one of the most important characters in the entire Terminator mythology. Why? Because he created Skynet, the "Ultron," if you will, of that universe, that ultimately launched the robopocalypse on the world. How much screentime did he have in T2? Very little. How much impact did he have on the plot? Huge. Extending on into virtually the entire franchise.

Hank Pym could fit just as seamlessly into Age of Ultron.


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