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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5 -

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
That's a lot to explain for a small character. Hawkeye and Black Widow where kinda just... soldiers and spies. Stuff that has a one word explanation. There is no 'what is a bow, how does he use it so well.' It's all very obvious and intuitive and naturally grounded because it's so real. The others had movies to introduce themselves in. Black Panther is superhuman, but why? He has all this epic technology but why? He has all these uber martial arts... from where? He has this regal attitude and authority... but did he earn that, or is he just a spoiled brat? If this Wakanda has all this vibranium, how come we haven't heard of them before? He's a really, really, bad character to try and represent well in twelve minutes of screen time.
You're thinking more about how they can't and not how they can. Having a film set in Wakanda would pretty much answer most of those questions. Not every new character in an Avenger film has to be glossed over like Hawkeye and Widow were, the Maximoffs won't. There's no reason to believe if he's ever in an Avengers film Black Panther would only have 12 minutes of screentime. Obviously he'd have much more than that. :/

As for diversity... when I google "Avengers diversity" I get a number of results that suggest a vast array of people with a number of different motivations and perspectives have all noticed that all of the Avengers are white. Going a step further, the only female is non-powered, and further, she wasn't even supposed to be there save for Whedon fighting for her to be there. So, yeah, those balances, for various reasons, matter, and are worth resolving. It's different for the JLA that really does have a token female and a token black guy, but the Avengers have a number of non-whites that have historically and popularly been part of the team... expecting them to be included in an awesome vitally important way makes sense.
Because a couple google pings to forums and fansites show the public is just clamoring and lamenting the lack of diversity in their 2 hour superhero ensemble.

I'm not saying they shouldn't obviously but it's not something I would call an issue that they should go out of their way to address.

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