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Default Team Bats or Team Supes / Team Clark or Team Bruce

It's the all-time classic superhero question: Who do you prefer, Superman or Batman? And yet we don't appear to have a thread on it. Therefore I have taken the liberty of creating one, complete with a cheesy reference to Twilight in the title.

This is a thread designed to allow people to say which of the two characters they prefer in the most general sense, and why. Obviously this is a theme that runs through a lot of discussions on here, but I thought it deserved its own space. We can like both heroes and I certainly do, but if you had to choose one, who do you prefer?

I've said in a lot of other threads why I prefer Clark Kent/Superman over Bruce Wayne/Batman, but to summarize:
  • Superman has all the power in the world, but instead of using it for selfish ends, he uses them for the greater good
  • Clark is more optimistic and tends to see the best in people
  • His background embodies small town, Norman Rockwell-esque Americana and working class roots rather than inherited wealth
  • Clark Kent is not a billionaire, but works an ordinary 9-to-5 job like everybody else (which happens to dovetail with my own career and interests)
  • I love science fiction and Superman is all about that: Krypton, space travel, superpowers, mad scientists, aliens, you name it.
  • As far as wish fulfillment goes, having all of Superman's powers would be way more awesome for me than having a ton of gadgets and the coolest car ever. Flight alone would be incredible.
  • Kryptonite may be an overused story element, but it is an excellent metaphor
  • The analogy of Superman as a secular Messiah for the modern age is fascinating to me and I find it interesting to read about the parallels between him and religious figures such as Jesus (Death and Return of Superman and Kingdom Come) or Moses, as well as other characters from classical mythology such as Hercules (which Grant Morrison played on to great effect)
  • Even though The Joker, let's face it, is the better arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor in the modern era is for me a more realistic one in terms of what he represents - the colossal power of monetary wealth combined with a terrifyingly capable intellect. What better antithesis could you have to a virtually invincible demigod?
  • The character of Batman would not exist without Superman.

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