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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I kind of liked it ending the way it did. It was like people watching a good old epic boxing match (only this time between monsters!)

Cap vs Red Skull was awesome. But, the fight ends halfway into it. It was the right film decision to leave them on unfinished business, but I think for fight purposes only, it makes it feel like you just watched a tie, as opposed to an epic match resulting in a winner. If this makes sense. But, it was the right decision for the movie.
Ah but I cannot call anything epic when one combatant has been dumbed down the entire movie and doesn't have to fight on his enemies terms. Besides the fight should have ended with the self destructing armor. Having Killian survive that and then be killed by Pepper was anti climactic.

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