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Default Re: Julia Ormond - In Talks to Play Lara

Originally Posted by Astrodust View Post
Sorry but there is no way Adams could pass for 26 anymore. She is still beautiful but she is someone who looks like an attractive mid-30's woman. There is a lot of aging that happens from 35-45, especially for woman. If you saw a pic of Julia Ormond 10 years ago you would be surprised how much of a change she has had. I'm not dissing either woman as both are beautiful but it will be hard for anyone to look youthful at 45 even with surgery. Here is a pic of Adams and this is with makeup on.
attractive mid-30's woman = Lois Lane.

It's interesting how people find Diane Lane attractive at 46, but think that Amy Adams will be elderly in the same age...

That's why I'm tired from this forum, I can't stand such shallow and sexist people...

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