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Default Re: Julia Ormond - In Talks to Play Lara

Originally Posted by Ursa View Post
attractive mid-30's woman = Lois Lane.

It's interesting how people find Diane Lane attractive at 46, but think that Amy Adams will be elderly in the same age...

That's why I'm tired from this forum, I can't stand such shallow and sexist people...
Don't let it get to you. Most of the people who continue to whine about Amy's looks can be viewed as nothing more than trolls at this point I think. If someone makes a point and moves on, that's fine. Constantly beating the same dead horse (especially in threads that have nothing to do with Amy) has already gotten old though -- no pun intended.

Regardless of Amy's age, she looks fit, healthy and attractive. (For those relentlessly searching for bad pics of her, anyone can take a photo that doesn't necessarily reflect his/her appearance in the best light.) If Amy's actual age wasn't common knowledge, I think quite a few of the haters out there would be diminished in number. Realistically, plenty of people don't look their age! Take Kelli Giddish, for example. She's 31, but looks quite a bit older in my opinion. On the opposite side of the spectrum, consider Mary Louise Parker (46). She could very well be in her late thirties or early forties.

Anyway, getting back on topic, I think Julia Ormond would be a great choice for the role of Lara in MOS. It's great how the production team continues to surprise us all by bringing in talent than virtually no one here has been suspecting.

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