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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization - Part 1

You know, I"m not taking a jab at anyone or any comic book character, but personally, it drives me crazy at some points whenever I keep coming across comments where people say that Superman is totally unrelatable to us.

Granted, the kryptonian origin part and super powers are the things that separate us from him, along with his high morals and great, but based on a lot of issues that I've read and heard about, there are a lot more things about the character that people imho, seem to miss out on.

The concept/version where he feels alienated throughout his youth due to his inability to figure out where he's from and who/what he something that I'm fairly sure a good amount of people have felt (though in a different context) in their youth..of feeling alienated from others because they were considered "different' from the majority.

The desire to settle down and have a family of your own is another thing that I'm sure a lot of us have had or still have.

The struggle in not letting your own abilities get the best of you and enlarge your ego in the process.

Wondering if you're doing the right thing for everyone... or feeling afraid that people not accept you for you you are.

And before anyone brings up the whole "this is not how the character was originally conceived" argument as usual.... I'm talking about the interpretations of the character throughout the ages, not just one particular vision...since many iconic characters have been defined based on not only one interpretation of their characters.

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