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Default Re: With Great Sequel Comes Great Lounging

Originally Posted by GENERAL RAAM582 View Post
Hopefully MoS can start some sort of Cinematic Universe for DC.
I really hope not. I'd rather get a stand alone trilogy for Superman, just like Batman with the TDK trilogy. But, I know you're probably right as that's the idea Warner Brothers has even though I have a feeling a Justice League will turn out to be crap.

It's just WB/DC trying to go against Marvel Studios. And yet no one has the slightest clue that it would be OKAY if they don't have some cinematic universe. Why bother trying to create one when it's not for the right reasons?

Originally Posted by Repulsor Blast View Post
the lois voice over in the trailer is clearly from some kind of speech or article (read out loud).

i wouldn't be surprised if it ends with her saying something like "to some he was a guardian angel, to others; a ghost that never fit in. but really he was a champion for humanity. a man of resolve. a man of hope. a man of steel."

total dark knight rip off but seeing as that's my favourite ending to a comic book movie i wouldnt mind it being emulated :P
Yah, pretty much could be a TDK rip-off if Lois does read off that bit at the end, but if we hear her speech while Superman is flying over Earth...I won't mind one bit, lol.

Originally Posted by SymbioticToxin View Post
I still get chills when I hear the 'You will give the people' speech. One of my favorite things from All-Star Superman.

I am really loving what they're doing with Krypton as a whole too.

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