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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

He didn't change? I disagree. He went from being 110% dependent on the suits, to being able to function as a human again, while always confirming his place as Iron Man. I still don't see the problem with the Mandarin thing??!? We got the Mandarin, there was no "hey we got the mandarin for you LOL KIDDING here's Killian."

Killian is the Mandarin. There's even an article out there somewhere that proves the comic influences on this. I will agree I wanted more War Machine/Patriot, but here, his role felt natural, unlike IM2 where he was shoe horned in. I'd rather see short bursts of action, with great character moments, that tons of action with little character moments. Now, back to the twist, here's my question for you :

Suppose Kingsley wasn't Slattery. He was really the Mandarin. Well, for the third act, what do you do? He has to go toe-to-toe with Stark, otherwise there's no point. He'd essentially take Killian's place at the finale, but that would be god awful. Really glad they didn't give him the rings, plus seeing old Kingsley square off against Downey Jr. Then there's "well what do you do with Aldrich?" This isn't comic Aldrich, who was in like, a panel and then killed himself. This one felt no remorse for what he had to do.

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