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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
What they are is MCU Cap, in a life or death situation going all out. As far as we (and especially the non-comicked audience) know in the MCU, they are the extend of Cap's powers.

Man, can you imagine if the most impressive thing Iron Man did was fly, or the most impressive thing Thor did was summon his hammer? If that was their big impressive signature move. Would Iron Man fans and Thor fans be completely fine with that?

Fixed. Good fight. Further proof money is not the issue, but one's perspective on the character is. And here's the ending:

Another thing I think which will make Cap 2 more awesome is the fact that the bad guy will be awesome. Part of TFA's weaknesses was our introduction to Red Skull was him running off with his tail between his legs... he never really got to be credible after that. With Winter Soldier being so boss, even in concept art, we know that they'll bring Cap up to that level and a bit beyond it to beat him. When you make a great bad guy, you don't have them trip over a cube and end up sending themselves into the cosmos as a 'big finish.'

I'll try to find some more videos of awesomeness later.
I'm actually looking forward to crossbones the most

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