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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I don't browse the Spidey boards, but from what I see in other boards it seems like the people there are tough cookies to have good discussions with haha.

As for what I want to see out of spidey 2, I'd love for him to do some awesome, creative stuff with his webs in battle. One of the coolest scenes to me at least was when he was in the sewers and had all that web strung out for movement (even though that wasn't a battle scene, it was a cool moment). Spidey could also do for a slight upgrade in the athletics while fighting although if i recall correctly he was pretty nicely done. I'm gunna have to rewatch the movie and comment again lol, only saw it once.
yeah i guess they are haha. i found the action scenes wanting. in many many ways i feel like the vast majority of you guys do re. captain america's wasted potential.

spider-man needs to not constantly dodge and unsuccessfully subdue his opponents with web. that's literally all he did in tasm1. he was a 2 trick pony., and only 1 of those tricks were impressive. and even then it grew stale by the end fight. he needs to lift his game, just like cap does.

i hope the russo brothers can direct good action, and i hope webb improves upon his first attempt.

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