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Default Re: Ruffahulk Ruffasmash

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I prefer Hulk without real dialogue. When Hulk is capable of operating independent of his seething explosive rage, he becomes cartoonish to me, much less interesting, as Question put it.

The Hulk is a monster, he should be constantly dangerous. That moment in Avengers where Hulk seemed like he was ready to smash Cap just for speaking to him. That's a rage monster. That's a force of nature. A big green lughead playing cards with his buddies isn't really an epic mythic character. It's a gag, on some level.
I do think I agree with you. The Avengers are flawed. Iron Man is human, Captain America is out of his time, Thor is arrogant and otherworldly, Hulk is a monster.

When you have a team with powerful characters weakened by their flaws, they are strengthened by their companionship. When Hulk is less monstrous, or when Thor is too relatable as a mortal, they become too perfect and they might as well be Clark Kent.

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