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Originally Posted by 1WngdAngel View Post
This is one of reasons Hulk has failed in film so far. The Hulk is not a personality disorder, he's a seperate being with a brain and a voice. As long as those in charge of the MCU and fans continue to pigeonhole Hulk into this simple role it will continue to fail.
Except everybody absolutely loved The Hulk in The Avengers and want to see a Hulk movie starring Ruffalo now.

The notion of The Hulk literally being a separate being from Bruce Banner isn't exactly the purest and most "real" interpretation of the character. A lot of comics treat it as one person with a personality disorder.

Also that interpretation is just straight up better. The Hulk as a personality disorder is a powerful statement about the human condition. The Hulk as a literal other person who just sometimes swaps places with Bruce Banner is just kind of meaningless. It doesn't say anything about anything, it's just a guy who's brain is haunted.

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