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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by SAUspartan View Post
I love Rogue on her own xDOFPx. I had no issue with Bobby/Rogue till Bobby was an A** in the last movie. But i hated how they really portrayed Rogue as week in the 3rd movie. I want her to be a bad*ss in the movies but i doubt we will ever get to see that sadly. Anna is young enough where she can portray Rogue for many more years...that is if the movies continue to want Rogue.
I'd rather she was on her own in DOFP. That way we could see her as just a mutant and person for once. Hopefully any Bobby crap will only be a tiny part of her storyline and it won't be anything but left over tension. They treated Rogue terribly in X3. Her getting the cure made her look like a selfish and weak whiner. And that isn't Rogue, even the movie version had more strength than that in the first two. Hopefully she is more accepting of her powers in DOFP. It's been 10 years and she had to have had her powers back for most of that time. Even if she's been in an inhibitor collar for however long. The war surely has made her grateful for a weapon to fight the Sentinels with.

Rogue can be badass in the movies. She'll have a bigger opportunity this time to have at least one action scene. And as an adult now she'd fight more in any other sequels.

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