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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

But Gambit is a more realistic prospect. Her staying with Bobby is also more realistic than Logan, which is everyone's point. When the movies and official sources keep saying W/R are not happening and never will then everyone has to accept it. No-one has said Gambit won't be in Rogue's life. You're personally against the idea and always see it as impossible when really it's not. You for whatever reason just want it to be that way. Singer himself said at SDCC it's a possibility being considered. It was not said to never be happening, so unlike W/R it is a viable option still. We can't deny that.

Rogue might even get an entirely new love interest in any sequels. Or never return and be left single at the end of DOFP and that's the last we ever see of her. That is also possible. But if she comes back for more she will not stay loveless as her character has a lot of romance in some form running through her life. Especially in the movieverse. She's become the tragic romantic heroine for the audience. She just doesn't really have a set in stone love interest. I expect her to have a new one in any sequels, whether it be Gambit or someone else. In DOFP I just expect her to lay to rest her romantic past so the character can move on. I'd be shocked if her past is going to be her future. After 3-4 movies it's time to move her on to something fresh.

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