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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

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Its been a week since I have seen this & I am still trying to figure this out. The Deceptions knew of Sentinel being on Earths moon so they get there before the U.S. does & then take & hide a bunch of Pillars on Earth. But I am guessing this was Megatron doing this on his own. Then he goes to Earth looking for the Allspark after hiding the Pillars but he ends up getting frozen. If Megatron & Sentinel made the deal with each other before Sentinel left Cybertron then why shoot at his ship in the intro ? Unless that was just a ruse to make sure that the Autobots did not know of Sentinels betrayal & Sentinel & Megatron somehow knew that Sentinel would crash land on Earths Moon ? They should have explained that bit a little better
id like to add to this the 67 COSMONAUT camera which had no signs of impact and 68 camera which had the pillars impact on the moon ,does this incorporate TRANSWARP TECH from beastwars ? since MEGATRON and SENTINEL left Cyberton the same time (thousands of years ago as confirmed in BAY 1 and BAY-prequel comics)

2. i think if M followed SENTINEL without firing a shot it would have looked super suspicious since they had the agreement before the shuttle launch (read the prequel COMIC to 1 its from BB'S point of view) where he sees S's shuttle launch and no MEGZ in sight till the final panels.

i think the flashback is from OPTIMUS'S Pov and it was his worst fear with the ship being destroyed.

3. my only question is since cybertron is the Technological version of MOGO/EGO how come the planet didnt SIMPLY reformat the bodies of the dead bots ?? because as far advanced as they were i think they would have beeb able to transfer and contain some of the allspark energy to ensure the survival of the race (this would explain why FALLEN'S ship still had the nurseries to me atleast)

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