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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Jick09 View Post
You're assuming way too much. You're assuming the general audience remembers clearly about those villains. You're assuming that their response to a new version will be bad. You're assuming that WB didn't want Robin because of that. You're assuming they won't use a more obscure villain in the reboot even though they already did it with Begins using Ra's and Scarecrow. You're even assuming that WB don't know about Freeze. Really? You're basing that on how he was done in animated movies, cartoons and in the comics too?

What we know is that Bale really didn't want Robin in the movies and, if I recall correctly, Nolan also said that he didn't have a place in his story, so that is something we can base ourselves on. As for the GA's issue with Freeze and Ivy, if they remember about him now, more than a decade later, then they'll still do some years from now. If the movie is good, the audience will take it. Regardless of the villain. Obscure or not, like they already did.

I mean the last time Bane was on screen was in Batman and Robin.

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