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Default Re: Megatron Throughout The Trilogy

Megatron in the 1st film was awesome. He was barely in it, yes, but he kicked everyone's ass and was only defeated by Sam using the Cube (otherwise, he would have easily killed Prime). ROTF was the beginning of the end. There was no point in bringing him back. All he did was whine and kiss the Fallen's ass. It was lame, and he got owned in every fight pretty much. DOTM, he is barely in it, and I too laughed when he was sitting not even in the fight and got pushed around by Sentinel Prime. But, I did think it was awesome that he nearly killed Sentinel Prime from behind. Had that led to a climax against Prime that would have been long, it would have been a proper end. But, he just got punked by being killed so quickly. At least he had one cool moment in DOTM, unlike ROTF.

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