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Default Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 "The Suicide King" Discussion Thread

^^^ Direct quotes from the Lori thread.

Originally Posted by Mace Bloodstone View Post
We didn't see Carl actually shoot her... so just maybe, zombie Lori comes back!
Originally Posted by Grommers View Post
And the crazy part is I called that was going to happen with Andrew, and I had like 4-5 people on here tell me I was wrong and that for sure he was dead.

I'd never say never with Lori either, it'd be interesting to see her come back as a zombie, and have the governor shoot her, it would be painstaking for rick even more so. To have her die..twice? Sort of thing, and have the governor just treat her like every other zombie.
Originally Posted by Midnight Black View Post
Yeah, but it wouldn't be out of the question. What if she is chained up as a zombie.

I hope Carol is still in the jail somewhere just on the other side. Hopefully she didn't do something stupid like runaway to the forest.

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