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Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
I'd just rip off the brilliant Skyfall campaign. That was perfection. They made going to see Skyfall and event around the world. A year worth of buildup, serving both the fans and the casual, emphasizing the tied in nostalgia of a huge anniversary. Led to a lot of widespread goodwill and attention.
So how would you replicate the 2012 Olympics and their opening ceremonies for Superman in 2013? Let's be honest, that was a huge part of the Skyfall's marketing. Also, Skyfall didn't have the problem of being a reboot that is trying to distinguish itself from a less than successful prior entry. The situation with Quantum of Solace was different. They had already proven the new Bond/Craig formula with Casino Royale. It made sense for them to raise awareness for Skyfall by celebrating the Bond franchise as a whole. The Superman brand as a whole is rather weak right now outside of geek circles. For all I have criticized Warner Bros marketing along with everyone else here, I have to admit that a 75th anniversary celebration of the brand as whole lead-up to Man of Steel might send some wrong messages and confuse its audience.

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