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Originally Posted by The Sage View Post
Man of Steel will likely make Iron Man 1 money. I'd be satisfied if it makes more than that.

Making more than Iron Man 3 money is unlikely. Iron Man 3 is coming out after the successful Avengers' film, is the 3rd film of its series, and has good word of mouth.
But superman is far more known around the USA and Foreign markets than Ironman was at that point in time. I suppose the question is how bad was Returns. Everyone acts like this film has to make the climb out of the crapper Begins did, but in the same breath they don't think Returns was Batman and Robin bad, many people here think it was great(not me).

I honestly thought WB would have some balls to the wall Snyder trailers out at this point. Seeing as they went a more Begins type route, I'm all to curious how things will turn out.

I think this film will make far more than IM1 money though. I'd say Transformers money at the very least.

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