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Default Re: LA Times is reporting that WB will announce World's Finest movie for 2015 - Part

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
But I don't think Superman is portrayed as that likeable in this book, he's cocky and arrogant, he interferes in the war and kills soldiers. Hes a puppet treated like a lap dog by the president "good boy" etc. It's not until he saves the world from the EMP device (which for some reason Bruce has a problem with. I'd love for someone to explain that one) and when he has sympathy towards Bruce when his heart is giving out, even though he's punching his face in that he becomes likeable and more like the true Superman.
Clark saves countless lives by diverting the nuke but Bruce chastises him because Superman could have prevented the whole thing had he been acting in the authority that he has, if he had stood up to the worldly authority like Batman did and get things done. It's reasonable that Superman would work for the government within the context of the setting but it still dilutes him and causes other problems, like the ones you mention. Earlier Bruce is quoted as saying that they, meaning the superheroes, have to be criminals because what they do is outside the law and technically against it. Bruce is criticizing Clark working for the government.

You're gonna carry that weight.
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