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Default Re: 911 - Angela Bassett and Ryan Murphy Re-Team on FOX

Step up from the 2nd episode but they are just playing fast and furious with this show. We have 1 main character whose kid overdoses and then another "main" character put in serious jeopardy. We are only 3 episodes in, I cant even remember these peoples names much less have any attachment to who they are people to REALLY care about them because I dont even know them yet.

Abby's and Firehotties storyline is forced as hell, she really doesnt have anyone close to her to talk to about her mom? And I hope the 911 aspect of this show didn't live and die with the pilot episode. I want to see more bts action with Abby instead of her just being a voice over.

I think it's a very good decision for the characters in the show to be friends but this is just weird. It would've been better for everyone to be friends so they can get together at the end of the day and talk about their work with one another.

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