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Default Re: The Official IM3 Trailer Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
The Hulkbuster armor is a bit pointless, since there is no one anywhere near Hulk level in this film.

I think it's just something for fans to go "Oh look Hulkbuster armor", which is kind of a waste imo.
The "Hulkbuster" armor isn't meant to be a Hulkbuster though.

Designed for heavy duty tasks that his standard armors cannot handle, TONY STARK creates the HEAVY DUTY BRUTE ARMOR with sheer strength in mind. Equipped with state of the art hydraulic systems powered by a modified ARC REACTOR, this armor enables IRON MAN to take on the strongest enemies.
-A.K.A the Hulkbuster Armor. Not explicitly termed as the Hulkbuster though, since that's not the intended purpose. It's prototype is the Mk. XXII / v.01, and is smaller and more humanoid.

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