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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by xDOFPx View Post
When you have evidence that Anna ever filmed with Halle and Daniel or they're splicing them in scenes then you can keep attacking my posts. Till then I'll go with what's known and not what you think or want to believe. I'm not going to pretend she'll do this and that just because you chose to ignore evidence saying the opposite. I'll post what I have found out as it's allowed. I'm not saying we know what she'll do but we can guess what she won't.

Actually I don't think her role is minimal. I think she'll have at least 10 minutes of screen time and she'll do some good stuff in that time. I just don't think she'll have scenes with all the OT characters and I don't think she's around for the entire plot. I think the Vulture spoilers are true or have a ring of truth and she is somehow AWOL for part of the present day storyline. But when she does come into it she'll get action and she'll be a hero in her own right. The SDCC footage already says she has stuff to do. But I don't believe she has flight or super strength. I have a feeling she will use some of the others powers in a proper action scene though.

Anna filmed for 4-5 days that we know of and it was all about Rogue's material that week. She could have filmed a number of scenes in that time. Ian filmed all his X2 scenes in a couple of weeks and he was a big character. Rogue can still be a smallish but pivotal character in DOFP and I believe she is. Anna was on the SDCC panel when others weren't like Lucas Till who is also a returning character. There's a reason for that.
I never said they would splice her into scenes because Ive never even heard that phrase before. and like I said all your are doing is guessing because you are not in the directors seat to know what they want. Everytime new evidence pop up you only mention Storm or Colossus,then you assume to know Rogue's role when her's truly is shrouded in mystery. She is the one which Im very curious about. i didnt say anything she would do because its all heresay I never said I had evidence she would do this or wouldnt do this, so yes I can state something because you on the other hand assume to know everything about the movie. We dont know know the full scope of this movie, and im not saying that she wont die, its very well that she may even Colossus may die but i wont just base it on how much time someone spend filming.

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