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Default Re: How many times will you watch MOS in theaters?

Originally Posted by Jim-El View Post
Dittos here Shield. I liked SR at the time because I missed the character so much from the screen. I wanted to think it was good, but in actuality we all know it wasn't. I saw it 3 times. With that being said, and the great promise the trailers and TV spots have shown, I may go to every MOS showing possible until my money runs out...
Originally Posted by JosephCAW View Post
it does look good I might break my all time movie record,....I saw The Matrix 15 times in theaters gonna see it 5x for sure, but if I actually like it...10x more lol
Lol I'm probably going to do the same if I really like it. Plus it's my wedding day a week later and my birthday a couple weeks after that so I KNOW I'll be getting movie gift cards! Haha

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