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Default Re: The Worst Movie Scenes of All Time

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
Eh, the ferry scene doesn't bother me that much... the acting is kinda bad but I thought Tiny Lister at least was good in it. The only thing that bothers me about it is it seems unlikely that someone on one ferry couldn't call someone other other one on their cell phone or radio and say, "Hey guys! We won't blow you up, so don't blow us up either!" I mean, there were cops on both boats so they had to be able to communicate.

As for Predators... yeah, it wasn't Topher's fault... it was just terrible writing.
Uh, no. Blowpher was just about the only thing wrong with Predators. Topher is always his goofy self in whatever role he does. It was a poor decision to have him cast in any important role in a movie like that, but particularly in a role that required layers. To top that off by delivering a dramatic monologue (or what was intended to be dramatic) is a recipe for unintentional humor. There is a plethora of skilled actors who could have pulled off that scene, but drama isn't Blowpher's cup 'o tea.

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