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Default Re: The Worst Movie Scenes of All Time

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
Eh, I wouldn't go that far. Topher aside, the scene didn't make any sense. You have this guy who is a serial killer, fine, but the whole movie, he's been fleeing in fear of these monsters because he's seen how deadly they are and since he apparently has half a brain, he knows he doesn't stand a chance against them. Nor can they be reasoned with. And then, suddenly, at the end, he's like, "HEY YOU GUYS! I'M A KILLER TOO! LET'S BE PALS!" Nevermind the fact that all of the people around him were also killers and the Predators had no problem taking them out.

As for Topher though... I'm sure you and I can agree on the "Please God, kill Peter Parker scene" in SM3.
Oh man, that scene with its convenient plot devices, horrible CGI, and Topher's puppy dog makes me feel like I was directly behind Sam Raimi in a human centipede.

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