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Default Re: Thor Script Discussion - HEAVY SPOILER CONTENT

I respond on what Keyser Soze writes about in the summary. So I'm sorry if I can't be more closer to the details because I have indirect information on the script.

1. My reason is budgetary. Thor in the comics has largely drawn in 2 settings, the Asgardian realm & current Earth. Adding another fantastical setting (even if it's ancient Scandinavia), for me, seems to be a burden to the budget & screen time.

2. Ok. I see a reason of a Loki henchwoman. Hopefully they don't burn the budget on the casting.

3. Thor supposed "achilles heel" that most superhero movies don't have is that it's not actually an ordinary superhero movie. People are accustomed to Superman in Metropolis or Spider-Man in fictional New York. Real, current world with superhero characters. Now Thor #1 seems to be fantasy-world heavy. A setting change to something more familiar to the audiences would be welcomed.

5. I know, but does Balder's death has any better meanings to Thor than supposedly Sif's death? Sif's death actually trigger a standing quest for Thor to resurrect Sif before the next cycle. In casting for the second movie, lead female Sif can be replaced by Amora in the 2nd movie.

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